Legacy seismic data website
Legacy seismic data website

Legacy seismic data website

Lorraine Hwang from UC Davis has initiated the creation of a website that will provide an inventory of available legacy data that can be used as a resource for researchers. This is an evolving platform that is currently focused on collections that have resources available digitally.

The website provides useful information for researchers with interactive visualizations of stations and events. This is an ideal starting point for anyone planning to dig deeper into the issue.

Visit the website here: https://legacy-seismic-data.github.io/

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  1. Glenn Thompson

    Hi Raffa, Lorraine,
    John Power and I are wondering if you have thoughts about where helicorder records from volcanic eruptions could be archived to make them Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR). John has scanned helicorders from the Pinatubo 1991 eruption, and another colleague had many helicorders from the 1995-6 period of Soufriere Hills Volcano eruption. These are the only continuous seismic data that exist for those eruptions for those periods (continuous digital seismic data began to be logged for SHV in late 1996). Through one of your blog posts here I see there is a link to some FDSN working group discussions on outlining and adopting metadata requirements for describing legacy analog datasets, which presumably includes helicorders?

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